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Books and Prints

Unless listed otherwise, the following books, catalogs, and prints may be ordered from:

Stephen Gjertson
3855 Colfax Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55412-2029


Timeless Treasure
The Art of Stephen Gjertson
By Annette LeSueur

This volume features a survey of the artist’s work through 1993.
Softbound, 59 color and 16 black and white reproductions, 64 pages.
$25.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

For Glory and For Beauty
Practical Perspectives on Christianity and the Visual Arts
By Stephen Gjertson and Kirk Richards

In this unique volume, two Christian artists explore the profound relationship between Christianity and the visual arts. Texas artist Kirk Richards writes to a church that he feels too readily accepts the artistic standard of the world. Minnesota artist Stephen Gjertson endeavors to put the visual arts into proper perspective for fellow believers who are bewildered and appalled by current trends. Together, they cover a broad range of topics from the viewpoint of the professional artist.

Creating in the Image of God
Christian Art in a Modern Culture

“Christian artists must pursue excellence based upon clear and encouraging standards from God’s Word. The Scriptures must be our guide and the masterpieces of all ages must be our examples. We must influence our culture with work that is wholesome, uplifting, and beautiful. This is our good and proper goal, the standard that God set in Genesis. He looked at all that he had done and saw that it was ‘very good’.” Kirk Richards

The Necessity of Excellence
A Philosophic and Practical Foundation for Discerning and Achieving Artistic Excellence

“There are principles in Scripture that serve as a practical foundation for the production and enjoyment of creative work. These principles are based on the revealed character of God and His works. They are not narrow limitations that smother creativity, but rather boundaries within which artists have the liberty to enjoy healthy artistic expression and are able to evaluate their results. These principles point artistic endeavor in the right direction. When applied by people with talent and training they provide the basic elements for creating works that have positive and enduring value.” Stephen Gjertson

“For Glory and For Beauty is a must for all Christians who appreciate the beauty of the arts. The authors have boldly grappled with the major issues that every believer must face in the world of artistry. Their masterful research conveys the biblical and historical basis for the visual arts, and will give the reader a great deal to think about for a long time.” Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh, Executive Director, Christian Performing Artists Fellowship

“For Glory and For Beauty is a much-needed publication that provides solid principles for Christian artists. I wish that it had been available to me during my formative years. Richards’ and Gjertson’s status as accomplished, professional artists gives them an insightful and practical perspective that is often lacking in similar books. These are the best treatises on the subject of Christianity and the visual arts that I have read.” John M. Nolan, Curator, Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

Softbound, 66 color and 276 black and white reproductions, 176 pages.
$29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Richard F. Lack: An American Master
By Stephen Gjertson

Richard F. Lack (1923-2009) was one of the most significant American realists of the second half of the twentieth century. He studied with noted Boston artist R. H. Ives Gammell during the early 1950s. While non-traditional art forms drew attention from the artistic and public press, Lack passionately pursued his artistic aims within the great tradition of Western art. His work exhibits those qualities that were highly prized by masters of the past: authoritative draftsmanship, balanced and harmonious design and skillful craftsmanship. To these qualities he added the Boston artists devotion to painterly handling and truth of color. Through more that four decades Lack created an art of great richness and beauty.

Richard F. Lack: Catalogue Raisonné 1943-1998
This book was nominated for the 29th Annual Minnesota Book Awards and was a finalist in the Minnesota Nonfiction category.

Catalogue Raisonné by Gary B. Christensen
Richard F. Lack biography by Stephen A. Gjertson
Catalogue Consultant: Prof. Gabriel P. Weisberg, Department of Art History, University of Minnesota

This lavish, 496 page book features more than 1,300 paintings, watercolors, woodcuts, etchings, pastels, drawings, sketches, and studies, beginning with works Lack did when he was 15 and ending with his last work in 1998. It features over 1,700 color and b/w reproductions, including numerous works by the Old Masters and Boston Impressionists, and photographs of Richard Lack and his family. Also included is an unabridged 127-page biography, complete Bibliography of over 200 articles, detailed Chronology that includes 85 exhibitions and numerous awards. Also Lack’s Legacy composed of 22 select artists who completed their studies at Atelier Lack, and an index. Published by Afton Historical Society Press. HARDCOVER w/dustjacket. Dimensions: 12″ x 9.75″. $85.00.


TRIAD: Three American Painters

This beautiful volume accompanied the premier exhibition of TRIAD: Three American Painters at the Newington-Cropsey Foundation Gallery of Art in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York from September 12 – October 28, 2006. It features an introduction by Adelia Rasines and illustrated biographies of the three artists.

Softbound, 81 color and 5 black and white reproductions, 56 pages.
$10.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
Copy signed by the artists: $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

TRIAD: Three American Painters II

This catalog accompanied the exhibition TRIAD: Three American Painters II at the Newington-Cropsey Foundation Gallery of Art in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York from September 13 – November 5, 2010. It features an introduction by Adelia Rasines and illustrated biographies of the three artists. This was the final exhibition of the group, as Steve Armes passed away in April 2017.

Softbound, 72 color and 13 black and white reproductions, 50 pages.
$10.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
Copy signed by the artists: $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.


Painting the Visual Impression
By Richard Whitney

A compact and concise manual that is filled with sound, practical information on all aspects of creating works of art from life. Filled with principles essential for both the student and professional. Written by an exceptional portrait and landscape painter whose work has won over 40 regional and national awards.

Softbound, 43 color reproductions, 96 pages.
$27.00 postpaid.

Order from:
Richard Whitney
Studios at Crescent Pond
100 Chalet Drive
Stoddard, NH 03464

Who Says That’s Art?
A Commonsense View of the Visual Arts
By Michelle Marder Kamhi

This is a scholarly and cogent book that examines the definition and meaning of art in today’s “anything can be art if we say it is” culture. A must read for anyone who thinks that meaning, beauty, and skill are essential elements in a work of art. Written by an independent scholar and critic who is the co-editor of the art journal Aristos.

Softbound, 336 pages.

Order from Amazon