Inside the Studio of R. H. Ives Gammell: An artist’s daily notes, recorded during the Summer of 1976


By Allan R. Banks

Inside the Studio of R. H. Ives Gammell is a painter’s personal glimpse into the life and teaching of an exceptional and unique figure in American art. Ives Gammell devoted his life to painting works that expressed his respect for the great painters of the past and his interest in the profound themes of the present. He wrote Twilight of Painting, a discerning analysis of mid twentieth century artistic trends. For over forty years he trained small groups of talented students in his studios in Boston and Williamstown. Artist Allan R. Banks documented the words and actions of Gammell during his time working with him during the summer of 1976. His notes record Gammell’s working methods and his insights on art and the artists he knew. Also included are biographies of nine artists whose work influenced Gammell. This beautiful volume is an invaluable source of practical information and insight for students and artists interested in fine representational painting.

Hardbound, 124 color and 16 black and white reproductions, 112 pages.