Advice to a Young Artist: Letters of Ives Gammell to Richard Whitney


By Richard Whitney, PhD.H

R.H. Ives Gammell was one of the most unique and significant American artists of his time. As a teacher, his training provided a distinctive synthesis of the nineteenth century French academic and twentieth century American impressionist traditions. Richard Whitney, PhD.H studied with Gammell part time while in college, so they corresponded frequently. Dr. Whitney has transcribed all of Gammell’s letters to himself and his parents. They offer an intimate and candid glimpse into the older artist’s personality. They also reveal his educated and professional thoughts to a student and artist about art and artists, teaching, literature, and the art world and art criticism of his time. They also reveal what it was like to study with him. The advice Ives Gammell gave to Richard could apply to anyone interested in becoming a fine artist. Illustrated with reproductions of work by Ives Gammell and the author, as well as works by nine other artists who studied with Gammell and had successful careers as painters. Additional articles by Gammell on Delacroix and Chardin.

Softbound, 56 color and 15 black and white reproductions, 102 pages.

$29.00 postpaid.

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