For Glory and For Beauty: Practical Perspectives on Christianity and the Visual Arts


By Kirk Richards and Stephen Gjertson

The Necessity of Excellence
A Philosophic and Practical Foundation for Discerning and Achieving Artistic Excellence

“There are principles in Scripture that serve as a practical foundation for the production and enjoyment of creative work. These principles are based on the revealed character of God and His works. They are not narrow limitations that smother creativity, but rather boundaries within which artists have the liberty to enjoy healthy artistic expression and are able to evaluate their results. These principles point artistic endeavor in the right direction. When applied by people with talent and training they provide the basic elements for creating works that have positive and enduring value.” Stephen Gjertson

Softbound, 66 color and 276 black and white reproductions, 176 pages.
$50.00 postpaid.



“For Glory and For Beauty is a must for all Christians who appreciate the beauty of the arts. The authors have boldly grappled with the major issues that every believer must face in the world of artistry. Their masterful research conveys the biblical and historical basis for the visual arts, and will give the reader a great deal to think about for a long time.” Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh, Executive Director, Christian Performing Artists Fellowship.

“For Glory and For Beauty is a much-needed publication that provides solid principles for Christian artists. I wish that it had been available to me during my formative years. Richards’ and Gjertson’s status as accomplished, professional artists gives them an insightful and practical perspective that is often lacking in similar books. These are the best treatises on the subject of Christianity and the visual arts that I have read.” John M. Nolan, Curator, Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery.