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Articles and Essays by Stephen Gjertson

Alexandre Cabanel: The Tradition of Beauty: The Legacy of a 19th Century Romantic Master

“Where You Are, I Shall Be”

The Ides of March XLIV B.C.

The American Society of Classical Realism: A Legacy of Preserving and Promoting the Fine Craft of Picture-Making

The Ateliers of R. H. Ives Gammell and Richard Lack

Classical Realism: A Living Artistic Tradition

Don Koestner (1923-2009)

Don Koestner: An Art Well Done

Frontiers of Enchantment: The Outdoor Studies of William R. Leigh

Hippolyte Flandrin: A Nineteenth Century Master

In Response to the Man with the Camera

In Memory: James Joseph Childs (1945-2020)

The Artistic Heritage, Credo, and Thoughts on Drawing of James Joseph Childs (1945-2020)

Jean-Paul Laurens: A Late Nineteenth Century Master

The Mistress of All Masters

On Motion in Art: Considerations on the Relationships Among Patronage, Training, and the Arts

The Paris Opéra: Charles Garnier’s Opulent Architectural Masterpiece

Pictorial Design: An Outline of Basic Principles

Portrait Painting in the Boston Tradition: An Interview with Richard F. Lack (1928-2009)

Richard F. Lack

Richard F. Lack: A Legacy Remembered

Richard Lack (1928-2009): A Reminiscence


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