Articles and Essays by Stephen Gjertson

Alexandre Cabanel: The Tradition of Beauty
The Legacy of a 19th Century Romantic Master

"Where You Are, I Shall Be"

The American Society of Classical Realism
A Legacy of Preserving and Promoting
the Fine Craft of Picture-Making

The Ateliers of R. H. Ives Gammell and Richard Lack

Classical Realism
A Living Artistic Tradition

Don Koestner (1923-2009)

Don Koestner: An Art Well Done

Frontiers of Enchantment
The Outdoor Studies of William R. Leigh

Hippolyte Flandrin
A Nineteenth Century Master

In Response to the Man with the Camera

Jean-Paul Laurens
A Late 19th Century Master

The Mistress of All Masters

On Motion in Art
Considerations on the Relationships
Among Patronage, Training and the Arts

The Paris Opéra
Charles Garnier’s Opulent Architectural Masterpiece

Pictorial Design
An Outline of Basic Principles

Portrait Painting in the Boston Tradition
An Interview with Richard F. Lack (1928-2009)

Richard F. Lack

Richard F. Lack: A Legacy Remembered

Richard Lack (1928-2009): A Reminiscence

Artists of Note

Allan R. Banks
Charles H. Cecil
Michael Chelich
James Childs
Richard F. Lack
Jeffrey T. Larson
Steven J. Levin
Joseph McGurl
Kirk Richards
Carl J. Samson
Richard W. Whitney

Skill-Based Art: A Learning Resource for Art Students and Artist-Teachers

Interview with Stephen Gjertson

Galleries and Arts Organizations

Aristos: An Online Review of the Arts
Art Renewal Center
Gandy Galleries
Newington-Cropsey Foundation

Premium Quality Art Supplies

Trekell Professional Art Supplies
Old Holland Classic Oils, Premium Quality Paint
The Best Stretcher Bars you will Ever Buy

Fine Frames

Kim Poarch, Gallery at the Palace
Master Framers