Stephen Gjertson, Kirk Richards, and Steve Armes gave Power-Point presentations about their artistic traditions and art at The Grand Central Academy of Art in New York on Friday, September 10, 2010.

TRIAD, L-R: Kirk Richards, Steve Armes, Stephen Gjertson.



These presentations coincided with the exhibition
TRIAD: Three American Painters II
The Newington-Cropsey Foundation Gallery of Art
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
September 12 – November 5, 2010



The TRIAD artists hold a panel discussion for students after their presentations at the Grand Central Academy of Art. L-R: Kirk Richards, Stephen Gjertson, Steve Armes.





TRIAD: Three American Painters, L-R: Stephen Gjertson, Kirk Richards, Steve Armes.








Gjertson paintings: Time Out, So He Drove the Man Out, The Folly of Samson, Helen on the Battlements of Troy, Grace.

Gjertson: The Prayer of Daniel the Prophet.

Gjertson paintings: The Late Show, Favorite Toys.

Gjertson paintings: Reflections, Rachel Weeping for Her Children, Rachel Weeping for Her Children, study, Metanoia, November Table, Behold the Lamb of God.

Richards paintings: Once Noble, Autumn Leaves.

Richards: The Balladeer.

Richards paintings: l-r, The Sculptor, Portrait of Malcom Hughes, The Painter.


Armes paintings: above, The Amalfi Coast, study, below, Hill Country Bluebonnets, The Amalfi Coast, Positano.

Armes: Paradise Valley, British Columbia.

Armes paintings: left,Toscana, above right, Toscana, study, below, Toscana, study.




Gjertson paintings: Novel Afternoon, The Aerie.

Stephen Gjertson at Triad: Three American Painters II opening.

Gjertson paintings.

Gjertson family and friends. L-R: Lauryn Davin, Philip Gjertson, Stephanie Gjertson, Patricia Gjertson, Elizabeth Gjertson, Christina Moerke, Andrew Gjertson, Stephen Gjertson.

TRIAD, L-R: Steve Armes, Stephen Gjertson, Kirk Richards.


The artists and their families. L-R: Stephen Gjertson, Patricia Gjertson, Philip Gjertson, Christina Moerke, Andrew Gjertson, Stephanie Gjertson, Elizabeth Gjertson, Lauryn Davin, Gail Armes, Emily Armes, Steve Armes, Joel Richards, Linda Richards, Kirk Richards.





TRIAD: Three American Painters II

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